In an effort to increase development possibilities, the Morristown Regional Planning Commission on Tuesday recommended a rezoning for a former commercial building in the 4700 block of Old Kentucky Road, which is outside the Morristown city limits, but inside the city’s urban growth boundary.

The recommendation will go to the Hamblen County Planning Commission.

Rhonda Krenzer, a real estate agent who represents the property owner, Summit Properties of Tennessee, wants to change the zoning designation from rural residential in the county to agricultural inside the urban growth boundary. The permitted uses for rural residential property are limited, while an agricultural designation would allow for multiple commercial uses.

The one-acre property includes a 7,000-square-foot building that in the past has been used for furniture manufacturing and glass etching, according to city planners, who say the structure fell into disuse around 2007. Planners say the property owner hasn’t advanced plans for the building, but a zoning designation that allows commercial development would increase marketing opportunities.