Morristown man  facing sex offender registry violation

A Morristown man was charged Wednesday with violation of the sex offender registry.

Floyd John Wesemann, 48, of Brockland Drive, was charged according to a report by the Hamblen County Sheriff’s Office.

Lieutenant David Cribley received information that Wesemann was living in Hamblen County and had been on state probation while living in Hawkins County.

Wesemann was being monitored for offender compliance by Parole Officer Jimmy Wayland.

After completing state probation, Wesemann never reported nor registered in Hawkins County or anywhere else since April 15, 2018.

Wesemann lived at his Brockland Drive residence with his father for the last three years.

Wesemann has not followed any protocol for his registry compliance, such as registering with proper agency, signing Tennessee Bureau of Investigation forms, reporting following incarceration or reporting any information.