Morristown man faces three counts of child abuse

A Morristown man faces three counts of child abuse and aggravated domestic assault in two separate incidents earlier this week.

Martin Arzola-Hurtado, 30, McCrary Drive, was out of jail on bond after being charged with three counts of domestic assault Monday.

According to an affidavit from Lt. June Cosson, of the Morristown Police Department, after Arzola-Hurtado made bail Tuesday, he immediately went back to the residence and threatened to kill Anna Chilel. Meanwhile, Christian Chilel had made a video that would show the assault of his mother that had taken place on Monday. Arzola-Hurtado grabbed the child’s arm, twisting it behind the child’s back so that he could get the phone. Arzola-Hurtado deleted the evidence from the phone.

In the original incident Monday, Chilel said through a translator that she and two of her three children had been assaulted by Arzola-Hurtado after an argument. Chilel suffered a busted lip and scratched finger at the time of the assault. An underage boy alleged that he had been hit in the middle of his back, but had no marks. An underage girl had a large bruise on her left shin.

Arzola-Hurtado had gone to work at Koch Foods and was arrested there Monday.

He is being held at the Hamblen County Jail pending arraignment.