A Morristown man faces several charges of aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and aggravated assault, while a Morristown woman is facing charges that she helped him.

James Parker, 45, of Pinecone Drive, is charges with three counts of aggravated burglary, three counts of aggravated robber and three counts of aggravated assault. He also faces charges stemming from robberies that happened on June 2 and June 12, authorities said.

Whittnie Lashay Cox, 33, of Virginia Avenue, also faces charges for criminal responsibility facilitation of a felony.

Three seperate incidents occurred over the course of May and June, authorities said.

According to arrest reports, the first incident happened on May 22

According to reports, William Chazton Hester went to the residence of Donald Ricker and Betty Johnson on Old Russellville Pike.

Hester was wanting to see the residents’ son, who was not there.

Parker went into the bedroom to speak to Johnson, then pulled out a gun from a rag and pushed Johnson to the floor.

Parker stated to Johnson, “He knew you had some medication,” according to the report.

Johnson said, “No,” then Parker fired two shots into a table and a corner of a wall in the living room and took Johnson’s cell phone.

Hester then pulled a gun on Ricker and told him that he would shoot him if he didn’t sit back down.

Josh Atkins, who was also at the residence, had his wallet containing $80 and his Social Security card taken during the robbery, reports said.

Hester left the residence and got into a Nissan automobile and left the residence.

In the second incident, on June 2, HCSO Det. Sgt. Josh Sipe reported that Parker grabbed Matthew Jones at Jones’ residence on Ruthena Circle and forced Jones to a back room.

Parker then forced Jones at gunpoint to open his safe.

Items taken included $5,000 in cash, a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy S9 cell phone, a BMW wallet containing identification and debit cards.

Auhthorities said Cox aided Parker by driving him to Jones’ residence.

Then on the final robbery, In a report by Det. Sgt. George Sauceman, Parker went back Jones’ residence on June 12 while Jones was cleaning out his car.

Parker brandished what later was determined to be a realistic looking toy pistol, then charged and grabbed Jones telling him to go into the house.

As they came to the house, Jones began struggling with Parker when Parker dropped the pistol.

Parker then brandished a knife, cutting Jones and causing a laceration on his hand, authorities said.

A witness heard the commotion when Parker ran into an awaiting vehicle driven by Cox, who yelled “Come on,” and left the scene in a car driven by Cox. She was charged with being an accessory after the fact.

During the investigation, it was determined that Parker had taken Jones’ wallet containing $1,300 in cash.