Morristown man arrested in drug bust

A Morristown man was arrested and two others cited in a drug bust Thursday at a Pauline Avenue residence.

Joshua Allen Beasley, 20, who is homeless, was charged possession of methamphetamine for resale and unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities. Also cited were Melissa Gayle Locke, 45, of Pauline Avenue and Denisha L. Lawson, 26, East Andrew Johnson Highway.

Morristown Police Department detectives Pete Shockley, Jack Everhart, Jason Young and CAU Matt Stuart went to a Pauline Avenue residence where a van was parked in the driveway that had been involved in three separate incidents where the people inside had fled law enforcement.

Shockley and Stuart were allowed inside the house when they encountered Beasley, Lawson, Melissa Locke and Jessica McNew upstairs. Beasley asked what was going on when Shockley told Beasley about the van fleeing law enforcement. When Beasley stated that he didn’t see any blue lights, Shockley told Beasley that it was still reckless driving with how he drove and he endangered lives. Beasley said that he didn’t mean to put others in danger.

The detectives located a 1.6 gram bag of meth that Beasley claimed. When Lawson gave the detectives permission to search the house, two baggies containing less than .4 grams of meth, a meth pipe and bags to package the drugs. After no one claimed the items, detectives searched the area where Lawson lived and found several hundred baggies and digital scales. Denisha Lawson stated that the baggies were not hers, that someone must have put those in her bags.