A Morristown woman and her husband face charges after he allegedly forced her to commit an act of prostitution.

The alleged prostitute, a 32-year-old woman was cited into court for prostitution. Her husband, whose identity is being withheld by the Citizen Tribune to protect his wife’s identity, was taken into custody and charged with promoting prostitution.

Detective Capt. Chris Blair says the man appears to be the more egregious offender.

The woman reported she and her husband were chronically short of cash, and her husband was forcing her to sell her body to strangers, in this instance for $10. Her husband reported it’s been going on for a “few months.”

The woman reported her husband had been compelling her to have sex since 2016, according to Blair.

“While she was breaking the law, she did indicate that she was somewhat forced to do this,” the detective said. “She was forced to do this.”

The investigation began when patrol Sgt. Brad Jacobs and officer Paul Carter noticed activity in the woods off Freshour Street. They identified one of her customers, and the man, who was not charged, explained how the operation worked. The officers checked in the woods and found evidence of multiple sexual acts, according to Blair.

The couple was transported to the police department where they were interviewed by Detective Sgt. Gary Bean and Detective Jason Young.

“They admitted falling on hard times and needing to make money.” Blair said. “It was kind of sad.”

This morning, the husband, remained in the Hamblen County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bond.