A Hamblen County felony crystal-meth offender, who was given the chance to avoid prison if he could avoid scrapes with the law for 12 years, didn’t even come close to succeeding, according to court documents.

Jeffery Cheyenne Lowe, 24, Pauline Avenue, was given the dozen-year community-corrections sentence on July 19. He violated the terms of his restricted release by refusing a drug screen with the accompanying admission he had used meth and smoked marijuana, according to an arrest warrant.

When a phalanx of Morristown Police Department officials caught up with Lowe on Harrison Street on Monday, he allegedly was holding an eight-ball of crystal meth – 3.5 grams – between his butt cheeks, and three hydrocodones for which he had no prescription in a pants pocket, according to Detective Pete Shockley, a narcotics investigator.

Lowe initially gave a false name, but that didn’t fool anybody. Police already knew who they were looking for, and they didn’t bother with charging Lowe with criminal impersonation.

Shockley and Detective Jason Young, another narcotics investigator, first spotted the defendant around 6 p.m. at the South Cumberland Street Marathon market. Shockley and Young were in an unmarked vehicle, as was Detective Capt. Chris Blair, so they requested that patrol Sgt. Craig Jarnagin and officer Blake McCarter make the traffic stop.

Lowe and two others were passengers in a Chevrolet Equinox. The other occupants of the SUV were not charged.

This morning, Lowe remained in the Hamblen County Jail in lieu of $60,000 bond.

In recent months, most defendants convicted of violating terms of community-corrections have been sentenced to one year.