A seven-defendant, Cocke County-based federal crystal-meth indictment that remained sealed since June 11 saw light on Tuesday, and there appears to be method behind the delay, according to court documents.

The same day the case was unsealed, the No. 2 defendant, Daniel Joseph Sisk, pleaded guilty to a 50-gram conspiracy, 21 days after filing a plea agreement that profoundly implicates the alleged ringleader, Kevin Lee Rosemeyer, and two others.

Sisk flipped on Rosemeyer on March 7 during an interview with narcotics investigators with the Fourth Judicial District Drug Task Force. Before Sisk implicated Rosemeyer, he had sold crystal meth to informants on three occasions at his home in Newport, according to his plea agreement.

“The defendant would buy 8-balls (3.5) grams of methamphetamine from Rosemeyer three or four times a week during this (two-year) period,” Sisk’s plea agreement states. “The defendant also advised that he would purchase methamphetamine from codefendant Patrick Hurst.”

Another codefendant, Crystal Lane, flipped on Sisk, reporting she bought crystal meth from him seven or eight times. Debriefing with law enforcement and throwing the alleged conspiracy leader under the bus didn’t prevent Sisk from selling to an informant a fourth time in May of this year, according to the plea agreement.

The others indicted for conspiracy to distribute 50 grams of methamphetamine, an offense that carries a minimum-mandatory 10-year sentence are Dustin Wayne Bentley, Nathan William Hull and Stephanie Leigh Ann Allen.

The grand jury indicted Rosemeyer, 54, for possession of ammunition by a convicted felon and Hurst for possession of a firearm during a drug-trafficking offense.

What’s significant about this and other federal crystal-meth cases is that they are elective prosecutions. The U.S. attorney’s office seldom pursues prosecutions unless they are dead locks for convictions. That appears to be the situation in Rosemeyer and others’ cases.

Rosemeyer, 54, was holding 32.5 grams of crystal meth when he was arrested in January 2018. While out on a $100,000 bond, he was arrested three months later while in possession of 35 grams of meth and more than $4,000 in suspected drug-sales proceeds.

Bentley was jailed on felony meth charges in March 2017 and January of this year. Hull caught a felony meth charge in February 2018 and on Jan. 5. Hull allegedly had 29 grams of meth when he was taken into custody in November 2018, and Allen and two codefendants allegedly had 93 grams of crystal meth in July 2018.