A Morristown man, who was 19 years old in 2019 when he allegedly beat and seriously injured his grandmother after she refused to go to the store and buy food for him, has been sentenced to three years in state prison, authorities say.

Zachary H. Williams, 20, pleaded guilty to aggravated domestic assault and elder abuse Friday in Hamblen County Criminal Court. Williams will be eligible for release after serving 30 percent of the sentence.

The mismatched fight with his grandmother, Maxie Williams, occurred in June at their residence on Lewis Street. The young man choked her, broke her finger, kicked her in the leg and struck her in the chest. His grandmother reported that wasn’t the first time Williams has assaulted her, according to an arrest warrant.

Circuit Court Judge Alex E. Pearson fined Williams $600. An agreed restitution order will be filed in March.

Also Friday, Jeffrey Dewayne Roach, a 59-year-old Hamblen County man who was indicted for aggravated arson in what a detective described as a paranoid rage, pleaded guilty to arson, and was given a 12-year-probationary sentence.

Roach’s Dodson Ferry Road home was occupied by his ex-girlfriend, Tammy James, and a man named Clifford Bowlin, who was staying there because his home had no heat, according to Detective George Sauceman with the Hamblen County Sheriff’s Department.

James, who has a diabetes-related leg injury, is partially confined to a wheelchair. Sauceman said James could have suffered a life-threatening injury if Bowlin had not been there to wheel her to safety.

The detective also said Roach has a history using methamphetamine and has been convicted of aggravated assault on more than one occasion.

During Roach’s outburst, he barricaded the doors to prevent a perceived threat by a man named Ronnie Greer, the same name as a federal judge. He then severed the gas line on a natural gas heater and used flaming paper to set the house ablaze. The house was a complete loss.

The others who pleaded guilty Friday and the resolution of their cases are:

Timothy Cheyenne Lovell, 37, DUI, three counts of reckless aggravated assault and driving on revoked license; two days in the county jail to be followed by eight years in the probation-like community corrections program; $2,000 fine.

Jerry Lewis Davis, 45, burglary and theft over $2,500; three years community corrections; $2,500 restitution.

Joshua Cole Jones, 39, DUI and violation of the light law; two days; $660 fine; driver’s license revoked for one year.