Man faces multiple charges after speeding fight through Newport

A man who was spotted traveling at 85 miles per hour through Newport on Sunday now faces charges.

Newport Patrol Officer Jordan Douglas said he observed the reckless driver weaving through traffic and attempted a traffic stop on Lincoln Avenue.

He observed the driver and passenger punching each other, and the passenger appeared to be trying to leave the vehicle but was prevented from doing so by the driver.

But the driver refused to stop for lights and siren, fleeing onto Broadway, then Cosby Road, and onto Jones Circle before again entering Broadway in Eastport.

Eventually, Douglas conducted a felony stop, ordering both occupants from the car. It is at that point he observed a 7-year-old male on the back seat.

The driver was identified as 33-year-old Jeremy Moss, Old Highway 32, Newport, and his passenger as Kristina Moss, 32, of the same address.

Ms. Moss said she and her husband argued after she confronted him about texting and driving. The two began hitting each other after the passenger attempted to get out of the moving vehicle.

Jeremy Moss was taken into custody on charges of domestic assault, kidnapping, child endangerment and reckless driving.