A Morristown man has been charged with aggravated elder abuse for what police describe as alleged horrific neglect in attending to the needs of his 92-year-old grandfather, authorities say.

Matthew Allen McReynolds, 24, is the primary caregiver for his grandfather, Elbert C. Williams. They live together in a house in the 1500 block of Jefferson Street. The Morristown Police Department became involved after Williams appeared at the Lakeway Regional Hospital on Aug. 7 for treatment of large bedsores.

First responders found Williams literally “stuck to a couch,” covered in feces and open wounds, and suffering from dehydration, according to Detective Cpl. Ron Sargent, who says the senior citizen was admitted to an intensive care unit at a Knoxville hospital where at last report he was in stable condition.

“The nurse reported he had pieces of the couch on his buttocks area where he had a very large and severe bedsore with skin slippage,” an arrest warrant states.

A large bedsore in the area of his genitals compromised his ability to discharge waste, and risked rupturing his bladder. Williams had a large skin tear on his left arm protected only by a dirty bandana, according to Sargent.

Five dogs and one cat lived inside the house. The home was littered with trash and dog feces were prominently scattered throughout the house. The dogs had mostly destroyed the sofa on which Williams was found, according to Sargent.

“He wasn’t in a good situation no matter where he was,” Sargent said this morning. “The home was not inhabitable, in my opinion.”

A family friend went to check on Williams after McReynolds was incarcerated for failure to appear in court. McReynolds was out of jail and taken into custody approximately six hours later, according to the detective.