A Hamblen County man who was stabbed in the chest Wednesday night inside his camper on Wylie Miller Road remains in an intensive care unit at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, Hamblen County Sheriff’s Department Detective Sgt. David Stapleton said this morning.

Stapleton says the stabbing victim, 44-year-old Jeffrey Gale Lovin, is in stable condition, but he’s still heavily sedated to prevent movement that could cause more bleeding. The detective says the knife narrowly missed Lovin’s heart.

The man who allegedly stabbed Lovin, Brad Allen Jones Moore, 23, is charged with attempted first-degree murder, and is being held in the Hamblen County Jail without bond.

Moore and his father, James Moore, live in a camper adjacent to Lovin’s camper, behind the Cherokee Health, the former Southern Heights Elementary School.

The motive in the stabbing remains unclear, and Stapleton interviewed witnesses this morning in an effort to determine why the stabbing occurred. Moore reported he had “a beef” with Lovin that almost came to a head on Tuesday.

“He basically didn’t say anything,” the detective said.

Early Wednesday afternoon, Moore’s father was present when the defendant entered Lovin’s camper.

After hearing a “loud bang” he went to investigate and the injured man fell into his arms, according to Stapleton, who says the suspect fled into the woods. Moore knows Deputy Lt. Chad Mullins and wanted to surrender to him personally. Mullins wasn’t available and Deputy Josh Ringley took the defendant into custody at his camper around 8:30 p.m. Thursday.

Law enforcement officials had been searching for Moore in connection with two other incidents that appear to suggest a propensity for violence.

On July 6, he allegedly placed a knife to the throat of a woman named Cayla James. When the woman attempted to disarm Moore, he allegedly cut her on the ring finger of her right hand. In an effort to distance herself from Moore, the woman attempted to deploy her Taser. Moore disarmed James and shocked her in the neck, according to Deputy Melissa Bullington.

On June 16, Moore’s mother, Rebecca Moore, was the alleged target of an attack at her home on Rippetoe Avenue. Moore allegedly pushed her into a closet and then strangled her to the point where she could not breathe, according to Deputy Joscelyne Perez, who reported the woman had red marks on her neck but refused medical attention and transportation to a safer place.

The defendant’s mother and others reported Moore is an alleged crystal-meth user.