A previously deported Mexican man arrested in Morristown early Monday morning is a near-certain candidate for federal prosecution, according to the Morristown Police Department.

Pablo Olguin Jimenez, a 31-year-old man who lived with his girlfriend on Devault Street, has two strikes against in a situation where one is entirely sufficient, according to Detective Capt. Chris Blair, who heads up MPD narcotics investigations.

Jimenez was deported to Mexico in 2008 after serving time for DUI in Osage Beach, Missouri, a minor tourist Mecca on Lake of the Ozarks. The defendant’s second apparent insurmountable problem is the Remington .243-caliber rifle seized when the MPD Special Response Team executed a search warrant at the house Jimenez shared with 33-year-old Tosha Myers, Blair said.

“I have a very strong opinion that (federal prosecutors) will be taking this case,” the narcotics investigator said this morning.

Jimenez owes his arrest to Myers’ misstep, according to police.

She was driving late Sunday night when Detective Pete Shockley, another narcotics investigator, directed officers Blake McCarter and Nick Cline to stop Myers’ SUV for a light-law violation. Myers denied consent to search her vehicle, but the search proceeded after McCarter’s canine companion indicated drugs were inside, according to Shockley.

She allegedly was holding 14 grams of crystal meth, five oxycodone pills for which she had no prescription and $2,031 in cash, which was seized by police. Blair says it’s unlikely Myers will face federal prosecution.

Blair says the MPD has fielded numerous complaints about possible drug sales at Myers and Jimenez’s home. Myers was accompanied by another Mexican national when she was jailed on crystal-meth charges last year, according to Blair.