Man dies in Whitesburg motorcycle crash

A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper inspects the site of a fatal motorcycle crash Thursday morning.

An unidentified man was found dead Wednesday morning on East Andrew Johnson Highway in Whitesburg, apparently the victim of a motorcycle crash that occurred overnight.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is still investigating the incident and the person’s name has not been publicly released.

He was found around 9 a.m.

Ronald C. Winkles, who lives on East Andrew Johnson Highway, said he was the one who discovered the body as he was going to his mailbox Wednesday morning.

As he approached the mailbox, he said he found a shoe in his driveway. He then found the body, which was fairly hidden from view.

“It was behind some shrubbery in a small stand of trees,” Winkles said.

He called 911 and while he was still on the phone with 911, emergency personnel showed up.

“It was a very quick response,” he said.

The area where the motorcycle crash occurred is currently under plans to be widened in the near future by the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

There is about 16 miles of East Andrew Johnson Highway that will be widened to four lanes and the state is buying property to start the widening.

Winkles said it can’t happen fast enough.

He said in 15 years he’s seen almost five people die in motorcycle crashes on the stretch of highway within a mile of his house.

He’s lived in the area for 35 years and says it’s dangerous.

“They’ve neglected all these years four-laning it,” he said.