A Hamblen County man convicted of child rape in 2003 was arrested Tuesday and charged with violation of the sex offender registry law, according to authorities.

Eric Matthew Kesterson, a 39-year-old man who lives on Stagecoach Road in Russellville, alleged failed to report at the Hamblen County Sheriff’s Department in March. He also did not report when he got a job at a Morristown industry on June 3, according to Terri Beth Vaughn, HCSD sex offender registry clerk.

Kesterson was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He completed the sentence in September 2019, according to the Tennessee Department of Corrections.

Another convicted sex offender, Christopher Lynn Allen, 38, was taken into custody Tuesday for allegedly violating the registry law. Allen, who lives on Elijah Martin Road in Whitesburg, allegedly did not report when he got a job around June 1, according to Vaughn.

Allen was convicted of aggravated statutory rape in 2014, a charge filed when a perpetrator and a victim are separated in age by more than 10 years. His sentence was flat in March 2015, according to the TDOC.