The booms are back.

After a relatively quiet break lasting more than a year, reports of loud underground booms are returning to Morristown.

Chris Bell, Hamblen County Emergency Management Agency director, said his department is once again tracking reports of the booms, which have been often compared explosions under ground.

The booms have frequently occurred in the winter months, often following heavy snows or rains but the direct cause remain somewhat uncertain.

The most likely explanation, according to officials who studied the booms two years ago, involves the topography of the region. The Lakeway Area sits on karst, a landscape underlain by limestone which has been eroded by dissolution, producing ridges, towers, fissures, sinkholes and other characteristic landforms.

Drastic changes in the water table collapse underground features causes the rumbling and the noise, which can rattle houses similar to an earthquake but more localized.

No earthquakes have been reported in the Lakeway Area over the last week.

Bell encourages anyone who hears or feels a boom to report the incident on the Hamblen County EMA Facebook page or call 423-581-6225