Morristown-Hamblen East High School was placed in a soft lockdown about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday as police investigated reports of a student bringing a gun to school. After an investigation and a search of the school, no gun was found and the students were allowed to return to their regular schedule.

School officials said a student told officials that he saw a fellow student with a gun, according to Dr. Jeff Perry, Superintendent of Hamblen County School.

Officials placed the school in Code Yellow, also known as a soft lockdown and began the investigation.

“We immediately brought that child to the office and we searched that child, his locker and the book bags,” Perry said. “We also checked all the students that were sitting close to him.  We reviewed all video footage and no credible evidence that there was ever a weapon was found.”

Perry said they did have some indication that the initial report was not credible at all, but the system takes all situations seriously and did a thorough investigation to be cautious.

Perry added that any student or individual that sees or hears anything inappropriate should tell a teacher or administrator and provide as much factual information as they can. Perry stressed any report will be taken seriously.

Perry also said if there were a dangerous situation at a Hamblen County School, the administration would work to notify parents as swiftly as possible.

“We fully understand that parents and guardians are concerned about their students. If there were ever a dangerous situation we would send information immediately, notifying everyone,” he said. “Individuals who call often times can consume a lot of time that we need to be talking to students and ascertaining the facts.

“We understand it’s hard. We understand people want immediate information. We’ll notify folks as soon as we know factual information if there’s situation where we have any evidence students were in danger.”

The lockdown was lifted at roughly 2 p.m.

Morristown Police officials confirmed no weapons were found.