All Saints Episcopal School was located at the intersection of art and history, Thursday morning.

The school gymnasium was turned into All Saints’ Living Wax Museum and Art Gallery, an exhibit of art and history. Randi Sonon’s second-grade class participated in the living wax museum with displays of various famous historic figures.

Kathy Wells’ 8th-grade class presented the living art gallery comprising of reproductions of famous paintings.

“I told Wells that if I’m doing a wax museum, then the 8th graders doing an art gallery would go with it,” Sonon said. “I try to come up with different things to keep from doing the same thing. As one of the standards, it’s knowing biographies, being able to do presentations and speaking. This was just a fun way to wrap it all up into one area.”

Wells asked Sonon about doing something fun with the 8th-grade students. Sonon suggested a living art gallery because she had done this while pursuing her degree in art.

“The living art gallery was something I had done while I was getting my art degree,” Sonon said.

Wells thoroughly enjoyed the living art gallery and the efforts put toward it.

“I think they’ve had a good time working on it. The art students have enjoyed their part,” Wells said. “It’s been fun for me, too.”

“Mother Gigi,” better known as the Reverend Gigi Sharp, the school’s head, allows the teachers to take an idea to keep the students engaged and run with them, according to Wells and Sonon.

Among the students participating in the Living Wax Museum were:

Jeb Branson as Abraham Lincoln, Miley Diamond as Annie Oakley, Nash Harless as Elvis Presley; Austin Hattaway as George Washington, Ken Kerny as astronaut Neil Armstrong, Harper Lane as Hellen Keller, Thomas McGinnis as Benjamin Franklin, Nicolle Muehleisen as Amelia Earhart, Benjamin Payne as Teddy Roosevelt, Gavin Six as Orville Wright, Bray Sexton as Michael Jordan, Bradley Slipher as Sir Isaac Newton and Landon Young as Kit Carson.

Eighth graders participating in the Living Art Gallery included:

Lena Duggin Hodgson in Young Woman by Reading/Auguste Renoir; Grace Decker in Girl with a Pear Earring/Johannes Vermeer; Benton Gibson in Man Ray/Andy Warhol; Shea Haley in Mona Lisa/Leonardo DaVinci; Ava Hall in The Scream/Edvard Munch; Clara Morrisett in American Gothic/Grant Wood; Katie Packwood in Girl with the Red Hair/Roy Lichtenstein and Hunter Rhodes in The Old Guitarist/Pablo Picasso.