Lakeway Transit announces new stops for improved service

Lakeway Transit is adding new stops along current routes to better serve the citizens of Morristown.

The new transit service, which began operating in February, is adding several much-requested stops to current routes after requests from the community.

New stops along the Orange Route include: MATS, the TCAC Depot, College Square Mall, Locust Street/VA Clinic, and Rosedale Ave/TCAT. The Blue Route will also offer a new stop on W. Economy Road at Rand Apartments and the Green Route will add a new stop at Algonquin Drive at Peck Avenue.

Lakeway Transit buses will officially be adding these bus stops beginning Wednesday.

With the addition of these new stops Lakeway Transit hopes to better serve the Morristown community by providing more access to public transportation at more locations in our service area.

These new stops were suggested by the general public. Lakeway Transit strives to make affordable transportation accessible throughout the Lakeway area and hopes to be able to continue expanding services in the future to better serve our region. For comments, questions, or concerns please contact Lakeway Transit at 1-833-923-0032.

If a disability prevents you from using the regular Lakeway Transit buses, you may be eligible for paratransit services.

Call Lakeway Transit at 1-833-923-0032 to find out about special transportation service for persons with disabilities.