Kingsport residents arrested on drug  possession charges

Five Kingsport residents learned Wednesday that a shoplifting charge is just the tip of the iceberg.

Martha Shelley, 24, and Kassie Shelley, 29, Travis Copas, 40, Richard Cole, 39, and Donnie Copas, 38, all of Kingsport, were charged with possession of Schedule II, III, IV, V and VI drugs, as well as a legend drug and drug paraphernalia. Travis Copas faces additional charges of possession of methamphetamine and unlawful carry of a .22 caliber firearm.

Officers from the Morristown Police Department were called to the Crockett Trace Walmart, located on South Davy Crockett Parkway for a shoplifting incident involving both Shelley’s, Travis Copas, Donnie Copas and Cole. Items were stolen by Martha Shelley and Donnie Copas.

During the investigation, a small clear baggie with methamphetamine was found in Travis Copas’ possession.

A search of Copas’ vehicle resulted in discovery of a multitude of other narcotics. When asked who owned the drugs, all had differing stories.

Since officers couldn’t directly link narcotics to any individual, all were charged with the narcotics found in the car since all had been riding in it.

Travis Copas was also in possession of a .22 caliber gun that was located in his car. Amounts of drugs in the car were 1.7 grams of Schedule 2, 1 gram of Schedule III, 2.4 grams of Schedule IV, 7.5 grams of Schedule V and .5 grams of Schedule VI drugs. All were taken to the Hamblen County Jail pending arraignment in Hamblen County General Sessions Court at 8:30 a.m., Friday.