Kindergarten Round-Up planned for April

Alison Williams is West Elementary’s kindergarten team leader.

The annual Spring Round-Up will be held in Hamblen County elementary schools from noon until 3 p.m. Tuesday, April 7.

Students should attend roundup at the elementary school for which they are zoned.

Pre-registration/orientation will be held for students who will be entering kindergarten next fall.

Parents are requested to accompany their children to the school for the round-up, designed to acquaint students and parents with schools and provide information to parents concerning entrance requirements.

Any family unable to attend should call the principal of the school and give pre-registration information concerning the child. The school system needs a relatively accurate census of students entering school so plans can be made to serve each student’s needs.

Information required for all children entering school for the first time includes:

1. Birth Certificate: A birth certificate or officially acceptable evidence of date of birth should be taken to registration. The name used on the records of a student entering school must be that as shown on the birth certificate, unless evidence is presented that the name has been changed as prescribed by law.

To obtain a copy of the birth certificate, contact the Health Department or the Vital Records Department of the state where the child was born. Include the father’s name, mother’s maiden name, child’s given birth name, county of birth and date of birth. In Tennessee, this must be submitted on the official request form located at the local health department. Payment must be sent with your request.

2. Social Security numbers are requested on all students entering school for the first time.

3. Medical Examination: The school system will accept physicals done during March through August 2020. The school system encourages parents to get these physicals completed early in order to avoid any delays in enrolling a child when school starts.

4. Evidence of Immunization: Evidence of immunization must be presented at the time of registration. Permanent copies are on a white Tennessee Immunization form. A child will be issued a temporary certificate, if at least one dose of each vaccine has been administered.

The temporary certificate will not be valid seven days after the next dose is due. A child will be issued the permanent certificate if he/she has had the following immunizations.

DTaP-DT-DTP/Hib-Td. Four or more doses should have been administered, one of which was given on or after the 4th birthday. If starting the series at age 7 or older, only three doses are required.

Polio, or OPV/IPV. Four or more doses should have been administered. If the third dose was given on or after the 4th birthday, the fourth dose is not required. However, if a combination of IPV/OPV, or 2IPV/2OPV, was used, all four doses are needed regardless of age.

MMR, or Mumps, Measles, Rubella. Two doses should have been administered. One of the doses must be given on or after the 1st birthday for entrance into kindergarten, fourth-, eighth-, and 12th-grades.

The second dose should be administered at least 30 days following the first dose.

Hepatitis A. Two doses spaced six months apart are required. If one dose is given, a temporary status is given for the requirement.

Hepatits B. Three doses are required for admission to kindergarten.

Varicella, or Chickenpox. Proof of immunity to chickenpox has been required for entry into kindergarten since the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year. Two doses of varicella vaccines or evidence that the child has had chickenpox is required. Varicella is the only disease for which a parental history of disease is accepted. This requirement is for kindergarten only.

Any child who is 5-years-old on or before Aug. 15 may enter kindergarten.

If parents have any questions regarding entrance requirements, they should contact their school’s principal or the Department of Instruction at Hamblen County Schools by calling 423-586-7700.