KCCB complete 2021 litter index assessment

Keep Cocke County Beautiful board members recently completed their 2021 litter index assessment of the county. The evaluators divided the county into seven areas and selected 10 roads in each area. Litter is indexed on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 representing minimal or no litter, to 4, an extremely littered area.

A group of four board members scored each road.

The Del Rio community had a score of 2, a 20% increase over last year; Parrottsville 3, a 20% increase; Bybee 3, an 18% increase; Grassy Fork/Hartford a 2 and a 16% decrease; Cosby 2, no increase or decrease; Carson Springs 2, a 7% decrease; Newport 3, 31% decrease and a new area, Edwina Bridgetport Road 3.

The dirtiest roads were; Midway, Wolf Creek, Tobes Creek, Blacks Mountain, Fowlers Grove, Keisling, Highway 321, Carson Springs, Raines, Heritage Blvd., Jimtown, Highway 160, Holt Town, Edwina/Bridgeport, Highway 73 and Bat Harbor.

The cleanest roads were; Gulf, Green Corner, Broadway, Scenic Drive, Ramblin and Camillia roads.

The surveyors also came upon several illegal dumpsites and graffitied areas.