Jefferson Park to build  facility in White Pine

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Friday for Jefferson Park-Dandridge’s White Pine expansion. Pictured from left: Jefferson County Mayor Mark Potts, White Pine Council member Ann Strom, Jefferson Park White Pine Manger Amanda Pruitt, Jefferson County Commissioner 3rd District Paul Lowe, White Pine Council member Fred Taylor, Jefferson Park Administrator Roger Mynatt, Jefferson County Nursing Home Board member Tim “Pop” Seals, White Pine Mayor Glen Warren, and White Pine Council member Tyler Marshall.

A new branch of the Jefferson Park skilled care facility in Dandridge is being planned for late 2021 to early 2022 on the Roy Messer Highway in White Pine.

Roger Mynatt, administrator of Jefferson Park in Dandridge, expounded in the reason the skilled care facility is looking to expand. The facility will be a “greenhouse project” and will house 30 residents when completed. The project will cost $8.67 million to construct.

In June of 2010, Jefferson Park-Dandridge opened the newest addition to the facility. The Green House Homes are a non-traditional way of living in a nursing home. With a more homelike environment, each home includes 10 private rooms/bathrooms, hearth area with a fireplace and entertainment, and an open kitchen and dining area. Each bedroom may be personalized by the resident with their own furnishings and decorations to create a personal touch and to allow for a warm, cozy atmosphere.

“We have looked forward to this day for a very long time,” Mynatt said.

Amanda Pruitt, currently the assistant administrator at Jefferson Park-Dandridge, will be the new administrator at Jefferson Park-White Pine when construction is completed.

The White Pine facility will be a skilled nursing care facility with 30 beds in three Green House Homes, equal to 10 beds per home.

Mynatt thanked officials for getting the ball rolling on the future skilled care facility, including Jefferson County Mayor Mark Potts; Jefferson County Commission; the City of White Pine, including Mayor Glen Warren the nursing home board consisting of Murrell Jarnagin, Linda Franklin, Carolyn Voiles and Tim “Pop” Seals; Architect Greg Lusk of Lewis Group Architects.

“Thank you for your dedication to this nursing home and to the senior citizen needs of our community,” Mynatt said. “Thanks to the County Commission for its incredible oversight of our county and in particular, your support of our nursing home. You have always supported the nursing home 100% in whatever we’ve asked for. The City of White Pine officials, who have provided and committed to unpatrolled support for this project. So far, you’ve delivered and will continue to deliver everything we’ve needed.”

The plans were prepared by the Lewis Group Architects.

“This is our second greenhouse project together,” Mynatt said. “Greg and all of the staff at the Lewis Group have been so dedicated to us and to Jefferson County and we really appreciate them.”

Mynatt said that a contractor has not been named yet, but are in the process of getting funds.

Potts said that Mynatt has been working on a White Pine location with the county and the Jefferson Place board.

“This is an exciting event for Jefferson County,” Potts said. “A lot of the credit goes to Mr. Mynatt. He does an excellent job. He provides that excellent healthcare when we send our families to (Jefferson Park). Because that care is so well done, their reputation as a facility is so great, people in White Pine started talking a long time ago about wanting a facility like that in White Pine. As County Mayor, I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Thank you so much for everything you do.”

Mynatt said that this project is the culmination of many years of a long-requested facility for the community.

Staff teams work collaboratively at the Green House Homes to give personalized care to elders while fostering their continual progress. Nursing staff and universal workers have had an additional 120 hours of training to provide total care to elders. The residents work alongside caregivers to develop a routine that suits their individual development. The elders living at Jefferson Place’s legacy building typically move into the Green House Homes as rooms become available.

Jefferson Park-Dandridge, the former Jefferson County Nursing Home, has served Jefferson County for more than 50 years.