Iconex: Providing solutions

Iconex Director of Technical Information Jim Price

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Iconex is the leading provider of solutions essential to daily commerce.

Iconex provides receipt and highly differentiated label solutions. They generate additional operational efficiencies by offering imaging and complementary printing solutions.

Iconex is the premier provider of innovative solutions that power commerce around the world. As NCR Corporation, the paper receipt was invented more than a century ago and continue to be an industry innovator and market leader. They anticipate trends, develop timely solutions and help businesses solve new challenges. The dedicated team at Iconex consistently delights customers with exceptional service and high-quality products.

Atlas holdings purchased Interactive Printer Solutions division of NCR Corporation in 2016 to launch Iconex. The following year, Iconex completed acquisition of RiteMade and PM Company. The combination creates the leader in the thermal receipt industry. Finally, in 2019, Iconex completed the acquisition of the long-run label and receipt paper business of Cenveo to simultaneously expand highly differentiated label solutions and strengthen its position as one of the world’s leading providers of low-cost receipt paper.

Iconex is the iconic inventor and continued leader in receipts, and they connect people and goods through superior labeling and tracking technology.

The company is building on its own unique tradition of innovation and creating the next generation of business process improvements. NCR, Iconex’s former parent company, created its first printing department in 1887 to make paper rolls and forms to help businesses keep track of purchases. In 1892, the company invented and introduced the paper receipt globally to the market, integrating it into the mechanical cash register. These registers are known as “Get a Receipt” registers. In 1914, NCR’s printing department was the largest in U.S. That year, NCR shipped 17,796 miles of receipt paper for holiday shopping season.

In 1969, a new standard for receipt paper is established when thermal receipt paper was introduced and started to replace traditional bond paper receipts.

The industry once again underwent a revolution in 2004 when Iconex’s “Sticky Media” is patented and introduced to the market. This is a receipt that can be stuck to a cup or bag.

Online shipping was helped in 2010 when the two-sided label printing process was introduced to the market for improved shipping.

Across many industries, Iconex provides solutions that help businesses run better and achieve more.

Industries helped by Iconex includes retail, wholesale, manufacturing, banks, credit unions, eating and drinking places and transportation.

Iconex offers a vast array of opportunities from manufacturing, accounting, research and development and engineering careers.

The Iconex Morristown plant is located at 5512 East Morris Boulevard and is ISO Certified. Call 423-289-9131.

A second Iconex Lakeway Area manufacturing facility is located in Jefferson City in the former Rittenhouse location at 1945 Rittenhouse Road, Building 2.