Party on Peavine

HOLA Lakeway invites the community to attend its summer fundraiser, Party on Peavine, in downtown Morristown 6 – 8 p.m., Friday, June 7.

The event will feature sweet and savory foods from vendors including Sweet Smuckers with their selections of doughnuts and pretzels, and Cubish, which offers a blend of Cuban and Irish cuisine.

There will also be live entertainment with music and salsa dancing.

Entry to the party is free and open to the public. All proceeds will go toward supporting the nonprofit’s programs and special events, such as language classes and HOLA’s International Food Festival.

The HOLA Lakeway Language Institute completed its first year of English and Spanish classes in April with a student body numbering 150 strong. With updates and other changes, HOLA will begin another year of classes later this fall.

HOLA is also gearing up for its 5th annual International Food Festival at the end of the summer. HOLA’s mission has been expanded to integrate all immigrant communities represented in the fabric of Hamblen County and the Lakeway Area as a whole, and the festival reflects this change in what will be offered to celebrate the area’s rich diverse makeup.

HOLA Lakeway’s mission is to facilitate the positive integration of immigrant families of the Lakeway Area into the community.