HOLA hosts Holiday Market

HOLA hosted a Christmas Marketplace Saturday.

Christmas cheer was in the air at the HOLA Lakeway Sanfoka Center on Saturday.

Gifts for young and old filled the rooms at HOLA as shoppers strolled to the sounds of a delicately playing harp.

There was candy from all over Latin America, leather goods, traditional clothing, soaps, food from Mexico and Indonesia, as well as a gift wrapping station.

Deborah Ogle, owner of Lola Bee Soap Co., is originally from Costa Rica and shares a sense of community at HOLA.

“The fact that you get to interact with so many different people at this Holiday Market is so cool,” said Ogle. “To be in a community where I can get a bit of a break from speaking English is kind of nice. I’ve been speaking to the vendor in the booth next to mine and she also speaks Spanish. We both have different experiences and we may use different words for different things, but we’re still communicating. My husband is American, we live in Jefferson City, and we’re a predominantly English speaking household. This gives me the opportunity to share similar cultures as mine with the people here at HOLA Lakeway.”

Santa also made an appearance, checking his list for who is naughty and nice, as he greeted children and gave them a small present to take home.

“These markets are always busy,” said Ogle. “It’s so great to see people out and about and in the holiday spirit.”

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