Hawkins County Schools is among 59 schools and districts in Tennessee to receive the Governor’s Civics Seal grant funding to help implement high-quality civics education programs to prepare students for college, career and life.

All 59 grant applicants, which includes 42 schools and 17 districts, were awarded funding totaling $500,000 through the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund. Hawkins County Schools was one of only four districts that received the full $20,000 grant award.

“We are proud that so many Tennessee schools are prioritizing strong civics education for their students,” Gov. Bill Lee said. “By providing grant funding to support civics instruction for our students, we are preparing the next generation of Tennesseans for life beyond the classroom and to become active leaders in their communities and in our state.”

Hawkins County Schools’ Middle and High School Supervisor Thomas Floyd was also excited to receive the funding.

“We are thrilled to have been awarded funding to support civics education within our schools. We want to challenge our students to be actively engaged members of our communities and governing bodies.”

Director of Schools Matt Hixson was happy to see funding restored for civics.

“Over the past few years full civics studies were phased out and only integrated within other subjects,” he said. “I am glad to see an emphasis placed back on accurate civics studies. It is an extremely important part of educating our future generations. I applaud Thomas Floyd for his efforts to place a light on this subject.”

On March 4, 2019, Gov. Lee announced the Governor’s Civics Seal initiative to recognize Tennessee schools and districts that prioritize teaching the nation’s and state’s history and civics values. These grants are the second round of Governor’s Civics Seal Grants, funded by the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund, to support schools, school districts and charter school management organizations in earning the Tennessee Excellence in Civics Education designation, which will be shown on the online State Report Card by the Governor’s Civics Seal.

“Thanks to Lee’s vision for preparing our students for life beyond the classroom, we are thrilled to invest in nearly 60 Tennessee districts and schools across the state that are prioritizing civics education,” said Tennessee Department of Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn. “These grants will provide access to programs and resources to help our students learn the importance of civics and how to become engaged citizens in our communities.”