Dr. Jeff Perry, Hamblen County school superintendent, said high school assignments will be temporarily suspended due to the governor’s executive order handed down last week.

The Hamblen County school system has temporarily closed the Central Office and told most employees to stay at home after Gov. Bill Lee said last week only essential employees should be out and about. That means laptops students are using may not be able to be fixed if problems occur.

“We don’t have our computer technicians to solve the problems,” he said.

The suspended assignments will last until April 14 when the governor’s order is set to expire, he said. That does not mean all assignments will be suspended, he said. Any assignments given out before April 2 will still be due, he said.

Also, he said there are some students still working on AP assignments, which will continue, and during this stretch, teachers will still be handing out voluntary assignments and other course work.

All instruction for Hamblen County is being conducted online. Perry said this will also not affect graduation requirements.

“If you do the assignments we require you to do, you’ll be just fine,” he said.

The governor’s order is set to expire on April 14, but could be extended. Perry said if the order is extended the school system will reevaluate at that time.

He also said the Tennessee Department of Education is set to meet on April 9 and could offer additional guidance.