Lee James Jones, Anderson L. Smith, co-trustees, Z Jones Trust, to Bobby J. Jones, Linda M. Jones, $145,000, District 1.

Cameron D. Horton to Cecil M. Garrett, $135,000, District 2.

Brad Smotherman to Roy Lynn Butler, $70,000, District 1.

Brent P. Allen, Taylor N. Allen to Austin Mansour, Savannah Mansour, $205,000, District 1.

Sherry Carpenter to Jason Paul Bargsley, Heather Bargsley, $144,000, District 3.

Dunhung Trading Company, Inc. to Northwest Synergy Ventures, LLC, $41,500, District 4.

Estate of Loretta N. Jones to Rodney Jones, $0, District 2.

Gary Murphy, Sinthia Murphy to Ivan Byrd, $80,000, District 1.

Imogene H. Rutherford to Ed Hawkins, Charlotte Hawkins, $146,000, District 1.

David J. Hufford, Nancy L. Hufford to Harmon Properties, L.P., $150,000, District 1.

Matthew Boggs, Nicole Boggs to Steven I. Byrum, $115,000, District 1.

Belinda Norton, Terry Norton, Susan Norton to BRS Building Company, $20,000, District 3.

John E. Dailey to Johnny Carmichael, Jr., $8,750, District 1.

Timothy Bauer to Timothy Bauer, Sharon F. Bauer, $0, District 1.

Lillian Collins, Ruth Banner, David D. Long to Wadlington, LLC, $8,000, District 1.

Marcus M. Milner, Faye M. Milner to Ugalde Fernando Romero, $169,500, District 3.

Angela N. Buchanan, Russell Buchanan to Tokoda Wynn, $87,500, District 3.

Billy Paul Garland, Jr., Belva Garland to Jeffery Scott Madra, Paula Rae Madra, $430,000, District 1.

Jamison Pack to Brittany Crider, $131,000, District 4.

Wayne McGlamery to Larry N. Peters, $138,000, District 4.

Gary Epps, Jackie Epps to Larry Bolton, Karen Bolton, $20,000, District 1.

Susan Heidi Porter, Todd Porter (deceased) to Harold E. Bailey, Mary K. Bailey, Melissa Bailey, $242,900, District 1.

Michael Nosal to Jeremy L. Diamond, $375,000, District 1.

Jessica Collins, B.J. Collins to James T. Manley, $268,000, District 4.

Judith A. Rader to Nicolas Rafael Ibarra, Leticia Aguazul Perez, $118,000, District 2.

Amerihome Mortgage Company, LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $0, District 1.

Mike Bunch to Peggy Harris, $45,000, District 1.

William Lunsford to Pamela J. Gerace, $109,000, District 1.

Carolyn Ward to Christopher Lampkin, $50,000, District 1.

Gem Fug Lam to Frank E. Rhoades, $232,000, District 1.

Carlyle Construction, LLC to Adam C. Myers, Taylor N. Wysong, $201,900, District 1.

Spectrum Partners to Karl B. DeCesare, Leah DeCeasre, $139,900, District 2.

Richard Wayne Rosenbalm to Taylor D. Cornett, $99,900, District 4.

Sheldon Levine, Kathy Levine to Coty S. Burton, Brittany L. Burton, $144,900, District 4.

James Bradley Bays to Dustin Andrew Hayes, Lindsey Brooke Hayes, $200,000, District 4.

Dustin Andrew Hayes, Lindsey Brooke Hayes to Tyler Alexander Pierson, Brenda Lynn Barnes, $152,000, District 1.

Shelby Jean Watkins to Richard E. Idell, Cindy L. Idell, $74,900, District 4.

O.S. Sexton, Agnes W. Sexton to Gregory S. Seaton, Connie J. Sexton, $2,500, District 2.

Johnny Lee Bible, Heather Leighann Bible to Sean A. Bible, $88,250, District 4.

Jeremy L. Diamond to Jarrod Vick, $236,900, District 2.