First UMC Morristown honors five Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scouts Garrett Frierson, Mitchell Korody, Griffin Patterson, Luke Underwood and Lukas Wilkerson were recently recognized at First United Methodist Church.

Boy Scouts of America Troop 91 of Morristown presented its latest Eagle Scouts to the congregation of First United Methodist Church of Morristown.

This year, the following scouts were honored for their hard work and perseverance: Garrett Frierson, Mitchell Korody, Griffin Patterson, Luke Underwood and Lukas Wilkerson.

The Eagle Scout rank is the highest rank attainable as a scout. A scout must progress through several ranks while learning various skills in leadership, first aid, wilderness survival and many more. The final test for the scout is a community service project that allows the scout to put all their leadership training into action. Less than four percent of all youth that join scouting will attain this honor.

Garrett Frierson

Garrett saw a need for a walkway to connect the parking lot to the entrance at Bethel United Methodist Church. Previously, members and visitors often had to navigate a steep grassy hill so, he constructed a new solid brick paver path to enable safe access and exit to the church. The total length of the walkway is 36 feet and includes steps, safety rails and landscaping.

Mitchell Korody

Mitchell completed three items on the Park Ranger’s wish list at Panther Creek State Park. He built a watertight wooden box with a Plexiglas door and mounted it on a post at the campground shelter. The box was then filled with nature and informational books for campers of all ages to borrow during their visit. Secondly, he built and mounted two enclosed bulletin boards on the campground bathhouses. These bulletin boards are used by Park Rangers to post trail maps and upcoming event information. Finally, Mitchell removed and replaced a broken ramp leading to the park’s observatory. Park visitors are now able to safely access the observation building to view the wildlife that hang around the building.

Griffin Patterson

Griffin built an informational kiosk outside the Kingswood Home for Children’s administration building. The kiosk has four bulletin boards that are protected by Plexiglas doors. These boards allow the staff to post information about upcoming events along with displaying a map of the hiking trails that are laid out around the Kingswood property. The project includes a 16 foot by 20 foot concrete pad to allow easy access for visitors. The kiosk is painted white with a red metal roof to match the surrounding buildings.

Luke Underwood

Luke is a long-standing member of the East High School band. He wanted his project to benefit all future members of his band. The first part of his project was to upgrade the band room. This included painting the walls, adding the Hurricane logo in two places and decorating the walls with musical symbols. He cleaned the band’s accumulated trophies and built shelving units for their display. Storage units were added to the bands equipment room so that they could get organized. The second part of Luke’s project was the improvement of the band’s travel trailer. He welded shelving into the trailer where each instrument could be secured for travel. Luke also added lighting to the trailer since it is used mainly at night.

Lukas Wilkerson

Lukas completed his project at the Ministerial Association Temporary Shelter on Main Street. The primary focus of his project was the installation of a 10 foot by 10 foot pergola on the back patio of the building. This created a shaded area for residents to congregate and socialize. He also created a prayer garden near the pergola under a large tree. The prayer garden includes a bench and a statue of Christ praying. This project also included building or repairing several other items that were needed at the facility. These items include a 20-foot flagpole, removal of a brick signage wall, painting the patio fence, constructing a fence to camouflage the A/C unit, trimming bushes and adding plants in all the landscaping.