A fire that raged through a local drug recovery center has left the facility unusable, but the center could be up and running in a new location in a matter of weeks.

“I think we’ll be under a roof by the first of August,” said Ed Ohlinger, COO of ReVIDA Recovery Centers.

ReVIDA Recovery Centers, an addiction treatment center for opioid use on West Andrew Johnson Highway, was rocked by a fire around midnight on June 28 when a gazebo near the facility caught fire. The fire went from the gazebo and climbed toward the roof of the treatment center before getting inside the building through the ventilation system, Ohlinger said.

The attic then caught fire. Morristown Fire Department responded and was able to save the building, but there was significant water damage, Ohlinger said.

He said the cost of repairs for the building will be almost a quarter million dollars.

“There was nobody in the building, so we were very fortunate,” he said.

Other good news was that most of the medical records and financial records were saved.

Ohlinger said the day after the fire, ReVIDA officials began calling all 320 patients of the facility to inform them what happened and to instruct them that care would be continued.

He said immediately after the fire all care was transferred to the Newport location. All doctors and health providers have now been relocated to Newport until the new location is opened.

Ohlinger said it is not known what caused the fire.

But, the damage will keep the former location closed for quite some time.

“It’ll take nine to 12 months to restore,” Ohlinger said.

He said ReVIDA signed a lease on a new location Thursday and plans to be in that building as quickly as possible.

The new location is located at 230 Bowman Street.

Ohlinger said the response by emergency responders and the community was extraordinary. He said local pharmacists in the area also responded to the situation by making sure prescriptions were filled after the fire devastated the building.

“The response by the Morristown Fire Department and Morristown Police Department was exceptional...” he said. “They put forth a heroic effort.”