Faithful gather to pray for the nation in Rogersville

Area religious leaders gathered on the steps of the Hawkins County Courthouse for a prayer vigil as part of The East Tennessee Awakening, a tent revival which began in early July.

This year, the Lakeway Area has been witness to a couple of spiritual revivals.

First, with the GO TELL Crusade in April and now with the East Tennessee Awakening in Rogersville, the Lakeway Area has been at the epicenter of a spiritual awakening.

“It’s a miracle, right here in the hills of East Tennessee,” said the Rev. Billy Ray Courtney.

The East Tennessee Awakening, a tent revival that has been in progress since early July, has seen numerous souls saved, including 23 this week, organizers say.

The faithful gathered at noon Friday on the Town Square in front of the Hawkins County Courthouse in Rogersville to a prayer service for personal needs and for the country.

Evangelist D.R. Harrison organized the rally.

“Lord, give us a revival in Rogersville and save this town,” the Rev. David Harrison, father of D.R. Harrison, said. “We’re here to pray for this nation, this community, the revival and for this man of God, who has sent him across this nation. We need revival worse than anything. I feel God.”

“How many of you all are glad to be saved,” D.R. Harrison asked the crowd, who responded with shouts of “Amen.”

“If the world’s crowd is allowed to get together to promote their agenda, then we should be allowed to gather to pray,” he said. “As America, we need God. I pray that when we pray today that God will use this to let this town know that He is still alive, still on the throne and that prayer still works.”

The East Tennessee Awakening has been held in a tent located on the Henard’s Chapel Baptist Church property three miles south of Rogersville for 11 weeks, with services going on for the last seven weeks. The Awakening is a continuation of the Greeneville Awakening revival period through the summer and fall last year in Greene County. When the weather became too cold to continue under the tent, the revival went to several area churches and expanded into Hawkins County during the winter before the tent event began in July.

“I feel like we haven’t scratched the surface of what God can do,” Harrison said. “I believe this is just another part of what God wants to do in your community and in our lives. I’m just thankful for the opportunity that we still have the privilege to pray. There are people who have to run and hide for their faith. We have the privilege and honor to be able to stand in a free nation still, to pray and ask God to shake our towns, communities, churches and America.

“I believe revival in America is just as much possible today than it has ever been in the history of mankind. If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t be here. I’d be working a job somewhere. I believe with all of my heart that revival is possible and that the atmosphere is right for revival. Every revival that has ever taken place always happened when this nation was at its worst. I think we can all agree, no matter what denomination you are, America is in pretty rough shape,” Harrison said. “And it’s only going to get worse, it isn’t getting any better.I believe the remnant can stay the hand of judgement off this country.”

Harrison said that it’s going to take prayer and people praying to change this country.

He led the crowd in “Revive us Again” before starting the prayer service.

Rev. Terry Bunch, of Highland Baptist Church in Whitesburg, along with Rev. Steve Rogers, of Fairview Bible Baptist Church of Morristown and Rev. Billy Ray Courtney of Faith Assembly in Rogersville helped to lead in prayer.

As Bunch began prayer, the ministers gathered behind the lectern were openly praying to God as in an old-fashioned church service.

“Thank you father for there is a time and place for everything. I believe this is the time and the place. I believe we’re in a time and a place chosen by you I pray that lives will continue to be changed,” Courtney prayed.

After the prayers, Harrison led the crowd in “God Bless America.”

”I want you to understand what is taking place in Hawkins County. It’s a miracle right here in the hills of East Tennessee,” Courtney said. “God is sovereign and He chooses a time and place. I believe what is happening in Hawkins County is going to spread around the world. You are part of a miracle and a place at a time that God chose. Not us, but God chose.”

Courtney ended the service leading the gathered in the “Pledge of Allegiance.”

The East Tennessee Awakening continues this week at the tent on Highway 11W in Rogersville.