EAA Chapter 1494 opens new aviation library

Pictured at Tuesday’s ribbon cutting of the EAA Chapter 1494 Library at Morristown Airport are from left: Shannon Baker, John McClellan, Neva Polling, Nelson Collins, Morristown Mayor Gary Chesney, Vince Miraldi, County Mayor Bill Brittain, EAA Chapter 1494 President Karen Hughes-Collins, Secretary Sue King Marschock, EAA Board Member Paul Howard, Tonya Hall, Candice Blair, Airport Manager Frank McGuffin and Abby Vannoy.

It started with a simple question and has grown into an impressive collection of publications.

Titles from the early 1920s through current day, and genres from adventure titles to aviation maintenance, aircraft manuals, aviation history and titles geared to the younger crowd fill the library’s shelves.

The Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce went to the Morristown Regional Airport terminal to hold a ribbon cutting for this new library Tuesday morning. A good turnout of supporters packed the airport lobby for the ceremony.

Having seen the volume of activity at the terminal, the number and types of events and programs promoting the magic of flight to the youth in the Lakeway Area, a simple question was asked by one of Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 1494’s newer members: “Is there a library here at the terminal for students and visitors?” Although the answer was a “No,” it wasn’t long until that question was given some serious consideration. In short order, leaders of Chapter 1494 along with volunteers intrigued by the idea, convened and put together a strategy for turning a simple question into a reality.

As word of the fledgling library spread through members of the chapter, support for this project was so overwhelming that the small bookshelf was soon replaced by three bookcases with five shelves. Books and manuals that had been lying idle on members’ shelves or in storage were dusted off and donated to the library. Each donation has been catalogued in a spreadsheet by title, author, subject and key words. Visitors to the library can search for their topic of interest and check out a publication for a maximum of 30 days. The long-term goal is to have this spreadsheet of inventory available online for remote viewing and sorting. There are now over 350 publications available for check out or reading on site.

Currently the catalog of titles exists in print form and is shared via email as EAA volunteers work to get it posted on the chapter website. The goal is to not only share these incredible books with the local community, but to also attract pilots from across the region to fly over and check out some of our publications.

EAA Chapter 1494 was established in October 2009 at KMOR regional airport in Morristown. Since its inception, and like its library, it has grown. The chapter started with a founding group of 12 and now has nearly 50 members and continues to expand its membership.

Chapter 1494 hosts a variety of activities that are open to both the public and members. These activities include monthly gatherings, breakfasts, Young Eagle workshops, fly-in’s, splash-in’s, scholarship fund raising events and classes for students as well as current pilots wishing to hone their flying skills or achieve their next rating. To date 338 youth have received free Young Eagles Flights from EAA Chapter 1494 pilot members. The chapter is very active and the KMOR terminal is often filled with members, visitors and corporate pilots laying over waiting for their next flight assignment. The library is now available for their reading enjoyment.

Many thanks to the volunteers, donors and the leadership of our chapter for turning a simple question into a resource that will be available for years to come.

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