A Chicken Hollow Road, Newport, man faces charges following a domestic assault incident on Wednesday.

Deputy Colby Franco reports he responded to the residence of Daniel Messer, 30, who was wanted on a domestic assault charge. The officer was told by Paegan Clark there had been an altercation involving a 9-month-old child. First Call EMS personnel checked the child and determined it was not injured.

Messer could not be found in the residence but eventually was found hiding in the basement with a chair and shelf being used to barricade the door. He was taken into custody after officers kicked open the door.

Clark said Messer had prevented her from calling 911 after he told her he had killed their 9-month-old child. The subject also allegedly threw a car seat at Clark, resulting in arm injuries.

As a result, Messer faces additional charges of aggravated domestic assault, child abuse and child neglect and endangerment as well as interference with a 911 call, in addition to the original domestic assault charge.