Several defendants entered guilty pleas this week to charges they faced in Cocke County Criminal Court.

Zachary Aaron Sisk, 28, Cityview Drive, Newport, pleaded guilty to three counts aggravated sexual battery, as well as violation of the Child Protection Act, in Cocke County Circuit Court.

In 2015 or 2016, Sisk had sexual contact with a victim under the age of 13, as well as the “continuous sexual abuse of a child, and over 90 days committed sexual abuse of a child and multiple acts of sexual abuse of a child,” according to the indictment.

Judge Carter Moore ordered Sisk to serve a 10-year sentence at 100 percent, however, he may earn up to 15 percent “good time” while in prison.

Sisk must register as a violent sex offender and be under community supervision for life.

A Cocke County womaan who pulled a gun on neighbors in September 2017 also pleaded guilty to the resulting charges.

Mary C. Huff, 52, Kelp Road, Newport, walked to the nearby residence of Clifford Hurst, and while Hurst unloaded his groceries, the defendant pointed a handgun at him. The defendant told Hurst, “I didn’t get your attention when I ran through your fence, now I’m gonna blow your brains out.”

According to Hurst, Huff then pulled the trigger of her gun several times but the gun did not fire. At that point, Hurst ran into his home and called 911.

Donna McGaha at the time told police she confronted Huff about the incident involving her father and the suspect pointed the gun at her saying, “I will kill you both.” Huff then pulled the trigger of the handgun but it again did not discharge.

Huff pleaded guilty to two counts aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and public intoxication. She was given a two year term but released on the time already served. The balance will be on supervised probation.

The defendant also must forfeit the BB gun, may have no contact with the victims, must participate in mental health treatment and also refrain from illegal drug use.