The mission continues.

The Daily Bread Community Kitchen will celebrate its 25th Anniversary with a prayer breakfast for the community at 7 a.m., Wednesday at the kitchen, located at 118 South Cumberland Street in Morristown.

“We usually have a monthly prayer breakfast the last Wednesday of every month, but this one is special,” said Larry Shropshire, president of the Daily Bread. “We invite everyone who wants to come out.”

The Daily Bread was founded by Shropshire’s father Hobe Williams in 1993. It operated out of an old restaurant downtown until it moved to its present location. The Daily Bread came about after a homeless man died near Williams’ former furniture store, the location that became the ministry’s headquarters.

Williams had seen that man getting food from a dumpster in the past. Williams vowed that no one would go hungry again after that. His wife Sue partnered with him to cook for many years and still plans meals today.

The message will be given by the Rev. Ross Woody, a long-time minister in the Lakeway Area.

“He preached the messages here for years,” Shropshire said. “He was known as the ‘Daily Bread Preacher’ for years.”

The menu will consist of tenderloin and sausage biscuits, plus doughnuts, juice and coffee.

Tommy Smith and friends will provide music for the service.

“From the beginning the city, county, the churches and individuals have come together as a community to make this happen,” Shropshire said. “We celebrate that here at the Daily Bread Community Kitchen. We celebrate my Dad’s vision and my Mom’s hard work. She was the one behind the scenes. She was the one who was preparing the meals.”

“Morristown is a unique town. I’ve lived in Knoxville, Johnson City, Newport in my life. There’s no other town like Morristown. It’s unique because of the love. It’s an honor to carry this on for my Dad, his vision and this community. Carrying the torch to feed the hungry is a wonderful torch to carry,” Shropshire said.