Daily Bread celebrates anniversary with prayer breakfast

Tommy Smith and friends play gospel bluegrass music at the Daily Bread Community Kitchen’s 25th Anniversary Prayer Breakfast Wednesday.

The kitchen is still open and going strong after 25 years.

The Daily Bread Community Kitchen started the next chapter in its history Wednesday morning with the last Wednesday of the month Prayer Breakfast.

Perhaps coincidental, perhaps not, the breakfast fell around the Anniversary of when The Daily Bread opened 25 years ago.

And the pastor who has led many of those breakfast messages over the years, The Rev. Ross Woody, was there again to share the gospel over a breakfast of tenderloin, sausage biscuits and doughnuts. Woody started his sermon about butterflies and the metamorphosis that takes place

“There’s something extremely fascinating to Dolly Parton about butterflies,” Woody said. “She has written songs about butterflies and has butterflies all over her park.

“Did you ever realize that butterfly before it is a butterfly is a wooly worm, or caterpillar? Something happened to change that caterpillar to make it a butterfly. A metamorphosis takes place. At the right time, the caterpillar finds a place and gets into a cocoon and stays there for the appointed time, then breaks free and becomes one of the most beautiful butterflies you have ever seen.

“The biologists call that a metamorphosis. My Jesus calls it being born again,” Woody said. “I don’t know if you appreciate being called a caterpillar or not, but in comparison in what The Lord has in mind for us, that’s what we are. He has an opportunity to each of us if we will just come and accept what he did on the cross, receive Him as our Savior, we’ll be born again.”

Woody then shared from one of the Apostle Paul’s letters to the Corinthians.

“Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are passed always and behold all things are new. God means new in quality…a transformation takes place,” Woody said.

Woody talked about a man’s life being out of tune and battered with sin. Just as an old violin’s value was changed after an old man played it, both takes the touch of the master’s hand.

“Many a man with his life out of tune and battered and scarred with sin is auctioned cheap to a thoughtless crowd, much like the old violin,” Woody said. “A mess of pottage, a glass of wine and a game and he travels on. He is going once, twice and almost gone, but the master called. The foolish crowd never can quite understand the work of a soul and the change that’s wrought by the touch of the master’s hand. Aren’t you glad that you know him? Aren’t you glad that he touched you,” he said.

“One of the wonderful things about getting fed at The Daily Bread is not only do we get a biscuit, but we also get that heavenly bread, the bread of life, that’s you, Lord Jesus,” Woody prayed. “We thank you for just a taste.”

Daily Bread Community Kitchen President Larry Shropshire announced that The Daily Bread has served 337 on Tuesday. The Community Kitchen has served 4,273 meals in April.

“It’s all because of you guys,” he said. “You all make it possible. The donations you send in, the food you give and your support. It’s humbling. My Dad said ‘It’s the greatest job in the world, son. No. 1, you get to meet these great volunteers and No. 2, they’ll pay you for working here.”

“This is a special, special day,” Shropshire said. “We’ve been doing this for 25 years. This week, this past Saturday was 25 years that The Daily Bread has been providing meals for the homeless and hungry here in Morristown. That’s a pretty good accomplishment, guys, I’m telling you. And we’re still getting to do it. It’s all because of you all.

“God is here today. I feel his presence. He said ‘where two or three are gathered in My name, that Jesus is here,” Shropshire said.

The Community Kitchen has served 1.5 million meals over the last 25 years.