Council denies rezoning request

A request for a property owner trying to rezone his lot from residential to heavy industrial was denied Tuesday night during the Morristown City Council.

The council voted 5-0 to deny the request of Jason Leffew, owner of the property. The property is located just north of Panther Steel Company on Buffalo Trail.

Morristown planners told the council that the area surrounding the property was residential and said if it were rezoned it would be considered spot zoning. Leffew was not present at the meeting and the Morristown Planning Commission had previously voted to deny the request unanimously a week ago.

During a work session, the Morristown City Council also heard from the Public Works Department about traffic calming devices and received a list of repaving projects throughout the city for the coming year.

The city plans on 20 different road projects with more than five miles of paving. The estimated cost would be around $200,000 per mile or more than $1 million total for the projects.

The traffic calming devices would be rubberized speed bumps placed in neighborhoods to help slow cars down as they go through city streets.

In order for the speed bumps to be placed, it would take a petition of two-thirds of the residents of the street to ask for the calming devices. The speed bumps can also be asked to remove with a two-thirds vote.

The Public Works Department gave a lengthy set of conditions to the council to consider in an upcoming meeting.

City officials said that there would be a cost sharing plan between residents and the city.

The council asked that the program be discussed more in-depth during a future workshop.