A convicted Morristown crack-cocaine dealer, who returned to the federal court system after he tested positive for marijuana seven times, made substantial progress and settled his revocation case with the 25 days he served in custody, according to court documents.

Dion Desmond “Baby D.” Nance, 33, completed a 90-day inpatient drug rehabilitation at True Purpose Ministries in Maryville, and followed that up with weekly outpatient treatment at Celebrate Recovery, according to court documents.

Nance will remain under court supervision for four years.

If he reoffends during that time period, he could face additional prison time.

Participating in the treatment programs helped Nance avoid a lengthy stay.

The guidelines range revocation sentence is 18 to 24 months.

The maximum sentence he could have received is 36 months, according to an arrest petition. In 2013, Nance, who was arrested in Cocke County, was sentenced to 120 months for trafficking crack cocaine.

In 2017, the sentence was cut to 100 months after federal legislators reduced the sentencing disparity between dealers who sell powder cocaine and crack cocaine.