Convicted Hawkins County bomb maker Joshua Looney faces his third stint in federal prison for allegedly flaunting post-release rules, and it doesn’t appear to be a close call in Looney’s alleged cross-me-thrice predicament, according to court documents unsealed on Thursday.

A federal judge on Thursday ordered Looney, 30, to remain in federal custody until his revocation hearing, which is scheduled for April 6.

Looney tested positive for methamphetamine on Feb. 4, 13 days after admitting he had smoked marijuana. He tested positive for marijuana on Nov. 1, the same day he was released from federal prison, but he had ready explanation, according to an arrest petition drafted by Robert C. Welch, Looney’s probation officer.

He conceded that post-release rules prohibit him from using drugs, but Looney asserted he smoked marijuana while incarcerated, which in his mind, put him in the clear. He told Welch the prohibition against using drugs “does not apply while he was in custody,” the arrest petition states.

Looney was sentenced to 43 months behind bars in March 2015 after pleaded guilty to making pipe bombs. He was sentenced to another seven months in July 2019 after testing positive for drugs.

Looney and his father and codefendant, Brian Keith Looney, 57, said they planned to use the explosives to blow up rocks. The elder Looney, who federal officials linked to the Ku Klux Klan, was sentenced to 57 months and was released in November 2017.