Business is a boomin’ at College Square Mall in Morristown.

Mall representatives reported on Friday that the Mall achieved its strongest sales per-square-foot in the center’s history. Tia Spires, general manager for College Square Mall, said that the growth outpaced expectations.

“This fourth quarter has been phenomenal- we had been building up to the fourth quarter but we had no idea how it was going to turn out,” Spires said. “Mall sales-per-square foot were up 50% (over last year), it’s the strongest sales the center has ever experienced, as of November 2021.”

Spires said the numbers are starting to come in for December and they reflect the same kind of growth.

“At least one major retailer has reported triple digit increases,” she said.

Morristown Mayor Gary Chesney said the retail success reflects Morristown’s status as a retail anchor for the region.

“It’s not surprising, really, because it emphasizes what a hub Morristown is for this six/seven county region- a hub for shopping, work, eating and education,” he said. “I’m glad to hear it but not surprised to hear it because of the way we’re situated.”

The mall welcomed Santa back in-person this year and reported that photographs with St. Nicholas broke prior records. Christmas sales were good for much of the mall, which is 99% occupied, not just the large “anchor” stores.

“Nothing dampened the excitement at the mall during Christmas,” Berneda Buell, owner of Rachel’s Christian Store, said. “Decoration, music, and extra vendors made everything festive and exciting. Shoppers were feeling the Christmas spirit so that resulted in record sales for the Christmas season. Christian bookstores are becoming obsolete but this year at the mall it was very exciting and profitable.”

Spires said the plan is to build on the success of the last year and keep growing in 2022.

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