Cocke circuit court cases reset

Tonya D. Thornton, assistant district attorney for Cocke County, says new orders have come down from Gov. Bill Lee and the Tennessee Supreme Court. As a result there will be a reset of all the circuit court cases that are on bond for the month of January.

Due to the Supreme Court order, any Cocke County Circuit Court defendant on bond and was scheduled for a hearing on Jan. 11 or 12 will be reset. Cases set for Jan. 11 are reset to April 12, and cases set for Jan. 12 are reset to April 13. Defendants should contact their attorney to confirm the court date.

These dates are subject to change based on future orders of the Supreme Court, so individuals should stay in contact with their attorney and check the circuit court website periodically. New dates for the Jan. 19 docket will be released in the near future.

Also, the January grand jury and arraignment day have been postponed. Those cases scheduled are tentatively moved to Feb. 8 and 9 for grand jury and Feb. 22 for arraignment. Those dates are subject to change based on any new orders from the Supreme Court.