Claiborne trustee back in custody

A trustee who had escaped the Claiborne County jail is back in custody.

The escaped inmate, Douglas Hayward Payne, 22, is back in custody. According to the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office, Payne was taken into custody without incident by Sheriff Bob Brooks in the Cave Springs area of Claiborne County Wednesday. Payne was then transported to the Claiborne County Jail.

Payne, a trustee in the Claiborne County Jail escaped custody Tuesday, gaining access to a dispatcher’s vehicle. Before the escape, Payne had been in custody since Dec. 16 for violation of probation stemming from vandalism and burglary charges. A judge recently remanded Payne to serve four years on his violations.

Around 6 p.m. Monday, Payne gained access to a dispatcher’s vehicle and escaped custody. Payne is said to have traveled to his home where he left the stolen vehicle and took another vehicle - a grey Jeep Grand Cherokee with Tennessee tags and a malfunctioning tail light and head light - belonging to a family member.