Bulls Gap woman charged with trio of charges

A Bulls Gap woman is facing domestic assault, false imprisonment and resisting arrest charges in an incident that happened Friday.

Robin Craig, 43, U.S. Highway 11E, was charged with domestic assault, false imprisonment and resisting arrest in connection to an assault to her husband, Kristopher Craig, 37.

According to a report from Deputy Dustin Winter, of the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office, Winter responded to Family Dollar at the intersection of State Highway 66, or Main Street, and U.S. 11E in Bulls Gap, to interview Kristopher Craig. Earlier Friday morning, Kristopher Craig had gotten into an argument with his wife, Robin Craig because he refused to pray with her. Kristopher stated that he had gotten into a car with Robin Craig so that she could drive him to work. Kristopher Craig was halfway in the car when he decided he didn’t want to ride with her because he was afraid that she would hurt him.

As Kristopher Craig was trying to get out of the car, Robin Craig hit the gas pedal and he was unable to get out in time. Kristopher was hanging halfway outside the car between their apartment and the Bulls Gap red light on U.S. 11E when he demanded that Robin Craig stop and let him out. During this time, he was screaming for help. Robin Craig was holding Kristopher Craig in the car and would not let him out. At the red light, Kristopher Craig attempted to get out of the car, when Robin Craig scratched Kristopher Craig to try to keep him in the car, but he escaped out of the car.

Winter and Kristopher Craig went back to the apartment where Robin Craig told Winter that she didn’t do anything. While trying to conduct the investigation, Robin Craig got back into her car. When Winter told Robin Craig to get out of the car, she repeatedly refused. Winter once again asked Robin Craig to get out of the car or he would have no choice but to use force. Robin Craig finally complied with Winter’s orders. When Winter grabbed Robin Craig’s right arm to take her into custody, she attempted to pull away. Winter attempted to take her other arm, but she would not comply. Robin Craig was finally taken to the ground and handcuffed.

Robin Craig suffered a dislocated right shoulder and was treated at Ballad Health Hawkins County Memorial Hospital Emergency Room. Craig was taken to the Hawkins County Jail following treatment.