Brothers face burglary, assault charges

Two Mooresburg brothers are facing burglary, assault and weapons charges in connection with an incident on August 26.

Daniel Dakota Boyd, 25, and Matthew Orion Boyd, 22, both of State Route 31, are charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and going armed during a break-in on Murphy Road in Mooresburg.

According to an affidavit filed by Det. Michael Lipe, of the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office, at 1:12 p.m. Aug. 26, Laura Gilliam reported a disturbance at her residence. Gilliam told Lipe that she was in the back of the house when the Boyds first arrived. Daniel Boyd had arrived with an AR-15 rifle, shooting it into the ground and scaring Gilliam. An unknown person called law enforcement..

The men told deputies that they were shooting new guns they had bought. However, viewing video surveillance, both Boyds entered Gilliam’s residence without her permission. Daniel Boyd with the rifle and Matthew Boyd armed with a shotgun. Daniel Boyd came out of the residence where Jordan Gilliam, son of the homeowner, was sitting on the porch. Daniel Boyd pointed the rifle at Jordan Gilliam’s head. After the men exchanged words, Daniel Boyd allegedly hit the front door of the residence with his hand and both Boyds entered the residence. A short time later, Daniel Boyd came out of the residence with the rifle aimed at Jordan Gilliam’s head. Daniel Boyd and Jordan Gilliam exchanged words then the Boyds walked out of the porch area and around the residence out of view of the security camera.

Laura Gilliam told deputies that at no time did either Boyd have permission to enter her residence and that Jordan Gilliam was in fear for his life.

On Thursday, Deputy Jesse Williams and Deputy Bryan Sanders, of the HCSO, served the warrants on both Boyds and took them to the Hawkins County Jail where they are still being held pending arraignment in Hawkins County Criminal Court.