A local Boys & Girls Club Morristown member, Hugo Morales, was selected to be a 2020-2021 U.S. National Ambassador for the UPS Road Code program.

As one of the two National UPS Road Code Ambassadors selected by Boys & Girls Club America and The UPS Foundation, Hugo will receive a $2,500 scholarship to support his post-secondary goals.

Hugo was nominated by the Boys & Girls Club of Morristown and his nomination form was submitted to the BGCA UPS Road Code team. He first was selected based on his scored profile to advance as one of the five regional candidates for his profile and scoring sheet to be submitted to UPS for judging for the National Ambassador title.

Hugo was chosen by UPS and BGCA out of the five regional finalist to be one of two National Ambassadors for UPS Road Code.

The Morristown Club began offering the UPS Road Code program in 2019. The goal of the program is to teach teens about the leading risks for teen drivers and specific driving techniques to keep them safe while behind the wheel and as passengers.

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens. According to the CDC, these accidents account for one in three teenage deaths.

Since 2009, The UPS Foundation has partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to deliver UPS Road Code, a program based in large part on the same safety training used with UPS’s own drivers.

Approximately 125 UPS employees, including Scott Knight, have trained as volunteer instructors to teach UPS Road Code’s safe driving techniques to help teens “Drive Change.”

UPS Road Code focuses on different safety principles throughout the program, from basic instruction to the consequences of risky behaviors such as talking on cell phones, texting or drinking while driving.

During the program, teens learn safe driving skills and practice the skills on a driving simulator, The driving simulator features a computer screen that serves as a windshield to the program’s interactive animation, a steering wheel, and life-like gas and brake pedals.

Knight teaches the programs Eight Danger Zones (leading risks for teen drivers), FIVE Viewing Habits, 10-Point Commentary, and talks with the teens about how they can “Drive Change” by talking to their friends about safe driving.

National Teen Safe Driving Week ends October 24, 2020.

The Boys & Girls Club Morristown hosted two UPS Road Code classes October 13 & 15 training over a dozen more teens in the UPS Road Code program.

Contact 423-586-2331 for more information on registering for the next UPS Road Code class in 2021.

Morales earns 180 Youth Outreach scholarship

180 Youth Outreach is a non-profit organization serving the Lakeway area. Their mission is to serve as a bridge over the gap for teens after they graduate high school and transition to college and transition from teens to young adults.

The $500 Brighter Future Scholarship is to assist in building a stronger foundation for college helping with financial needs.

Hugo Morales graduated with Honors and Distinction from Morristown West High School May 2020 with a weighted GPA of 4.41 and is enrolled at Tennessee Tech University as a Mechanical Engineering major.