C-N announces record freshman class

Carson-Newman University is welcoming the largest freshman class in the institution’s history, with 557 freshmen.

Moreover, this is the highest enrollment in Carson-Newman’s 168-year history. The university announced that a total of 2,725 students have enrolled for the fall semester.

This fall also marks a record graduate class at 885 students.

“This fall’s record enrollment affirms the vital role of a Christ-centered, liberal arts-based institution in our region,” said C-N President Charles A. Fowler. “We are delighted to welcome these new students to our Carson-Newman family. Our desire is to help them discover God’s plan for their lives and to equip them to experience it.”

Notably, this year’s freshman class also carries a higher average GPA than freshman classes for the past five years.

The last record freshman class size was in 1980 with 516 freshmen students.

The previous total enrollment record year came in 2016, when the university celebrated a record total enrollment of 2,659 students, and a record graduate enrollment of 847 students.

Since 2010, the university has seen a 40% increase in total enrollment.

Arrest made in road rage case

An arrest has been made in a road rage incident on Aug. 2 in the parking lot of Tennessee State Bank in Newport.

Jacob Kyle Ledford, 25, Armory Road, Newport, was arrested by Cocke County Sgt. Heath Will on Tuesday. Ledford is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, as well as leaving the scene of an accident and driving on a revoked license.

Kimberly Ellison, Elana Lane, Newport, told Newport patrol officer Brandon Cassidy her car was rammed at 1:19 p.m. as she used the ATM at the bank on Epley Road.

Ellison said as she used the ATM, a skinny/tall white male pulled up to her vehicle in a silver Honda Accord, got out and angrily accused her of taking his money from the ATM. The woman says she told her accuser she did not get his money, but he later rammed the rear of her car before speeding away.

Ellison told the officer her neck and back were hurting after the incident but she insisted on driving herself to the Newport Medical Center for treatment.

Warrants for Ledford were issued by Newport Detective Jason Ramsey.

NU reports major water leak

Newport Utilities Waterworks Manager Clint Hammonds reported the utility Wednesday evening had a major water leak on Mineral Street. It was repaired by 4 a.m. today.

The line is the main feed to parts of Cosby Road and the residential area around Newport Grammar School. Utility employees worked through the night to flush and clear the waterline. Newport Street Department employees also responded to block off streets in the area.

The water leak between Ruble Street and Beech Street may have resulted in damage to some properties.

Newport Police Capt. Brad Ball said some homes on Ruble Street, Beech Street, Mineral Street, and Freeman Avenue possibly sustained water damage in the leak that was reported at 8:45 p.m.

Asphalt at several locations on Mineral Street also began to break apart and became unsafe for travel.

Also damaged were Union Cemetery and possibly the Old Time Gospel Missionary Baptist Church on Beech Street.

Ball said additional property damage reports may be filed at a later date.

Hammonds reminds residents that the utility is working on a 20-year project to replace all cast iron water lines to minimize these types of occurrences.