Runaway car runs over woman

A Cocke County woman was injured Friday afternoon when a car ran over her on Scenic Drive, east of Newport.

Deputy Bill Miller said Melanie Holt, 41, Sprouse Lane was traveling on East Highway 25/70 when her 2016 Hyundai had a flat tire, so she pulled onto Scenic Drive.

Passenger Edith Ball, 68, Bat Harbor Road, exited the car and a short time later entered the passenger side door to make sure the car was in park before an attempt was made to change the tire. When Ball opened the door, Miller was told the auto began rolling backward, knocking Ball down and running over her legs.

The auto continued to roll back, crossing East Highway 25/70 and striking a utility pole.

First Call EMS took the injured woman to the Newport Medical Center for treatment.

Firebug faces federal prison

A convicted Cocke County firebug, initially given a probationary sentence for setting a fire that did not spread in the Cherokee National Forest, could face federal prison time for the latest in a series of violations of his supervised release, according to court documents.

Ransom Bledsoe, 24, allegedly didn’t show for court-ordered drug screens and tested positive for methamphetamine and marijuana on one test he did take. Bledsoe admitted going to Apehangers, a biker bar in Del Rio, on April Fool’s Day, but maintains he didn’t drink alcohol, according to an arrest petition.

The advisory revocation sentencing range is four to 10 months. The maximum punishment is 23 months and 29 days, the arrest petition states.

Bledsoe pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting setting timber fire in August 2013 and was given a three-year probationary sentence. As firefighters were battling a large blaze in the Cherokee National Forest, Bledsoe and his uncle, Douglas Gulley, set a small fire that did not spread.

The Cocke County man was sentenced to six months in federal prison for breaking post-release rules. In August 2018, Bledsoe was given a time-served, one-day sentence. His supervised release would have ended in August 2020, the arrest petition states. Bledsoe will remain incarcerated until his case is adjudicated. His revocation hearing is scheduled for Oct. 30.