Inconex focuses on fire prevention for October

Iconex is focusing on fire prevention for the entire month of October.

National Fire Prevention week was Oct. 3-9 but at Iconex, the entire month of October is dedicated to fire prevention.

“We at Iconex take fire prevention very seriously. The observance of this national event provides Iconex with the opportunity to involve coworkers in related special events to promote safety,” said Joe Bolea, Global Environmental Health & Safety for Iconex.

This year’s campaign slogan is “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety,”

Tammy Casteel, Morristown POS Plant Manager, supported placing campaign posters in the facility as well as providing coloring sheets to coworkers to take home to children and having coloring competitions for children of coworkers

Officials also encouraged Iconex employees to teview general fire safety topics – both in the plant and at home and held fire safety programs at special safety meetings or pre-shift toolbox meetings.

These sessions included reminders for coworkers to replace batteries and test smoke detectors in their homes, or to install smoke detectors if they do not have them.

Iconex officials designated teams of coworkers or maintenance personnel to check the following:

• Fire alarm and fire suppression systems.

• Ductwork fire suppression systems if applicable.

• Fire extinguishers and hoses.

• Fuel tanks: Propane, Gas, Oil, Diesel.

• Oxy/fuel torches and welding tool condition.

• Emergency lights (batteries and lights), exit signs, and egress routes

• Emergency evacuation procedures

Officials also reviewed the plant’s Contingency/Emergency Response Plan for any changes needed, and make sure that all emergency contacts and phone numbers are current and readably available to personnel on all shifts.

Plant officials also conducted plant fire/evacuation drills.

The drill included making coworker head counts at rally points as well as a review of utility shutoff locations, procedures, and authorized personnel in the event the plan must be implemented.

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