Silent Tuesday

Elvis Presley, left, 23-year-old rock and roll singer, gestures at his short hair as he chats with a former school chum, Farley Gey, 22, who is entering the Army with Elvis, in Memphis, March 24, 1958. Robert Maharrey, 22, another inductee, looks on from the rear. The scene took place at the local draft board headquarters. (AP Photo/Fred J. Griffith)

Each Tuesday the Citizen Tribune shares a photo from the formative years of the Silent Generation. Born from 1927 to 1945, the Silent Generation is sandwiched between the G.I. Generation and the Boomer Generation. There were 46,582,000 Silent Generation children born. The formative years for the Silent Generation range from the early 1930s through the early 1960s.

The Silent Generation was influenced by the Great Depression and World War II.